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Sous Vide

Heating times are a guide only - 

  • Choose pot to fit product, fill with water & bring to rapid boil.

  • Keep product  in packaging. Once water is boiling place product into the boiling water. Bags are rated to 100°c

  • Sous-vide the product until hot - taking care not to pierce the packaging.


As each product is different thickness & size, sous-vide times will vary. As a general guide: 

  • Smaller cuts of meat - check after 10minutes, continue reheating & check at 5min intervals until product is HOT.

  • Larger cuts of meat check after 20minutes, continue reheating & check at 5-10min intervals

Oven Bake

Heating times are a guide only -

  • Preheat oven to 210°c (190°c fan forced)

  • Remove product from packaging & place in an oven safe dish & cover with foil, or wrap in foil & place on oven safe tray.

  • Place in oven and heat for 25minutes per 500g

  • Check to see if product is hot. If not recover & continue heating, checking every 10-15mins

  • Once product is sufficiently heated, remove from oven and allow to rest then serve.

As each product is different thickness & size, heating times will vary. To ensure the best results we recommend you follow the guide as above, but also use your own judgement.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and want our customer to enjoy them as they are intended to be consumed.

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