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The Smoke Barrel can cater to any Pub, Club, Hotel, Independent Restaurant or Caterer.

We can even put together custom BBQ packs for large gatherings. We do the hard yards - You
just enjoy the food!

Below are just a few examples some of the core smoked meat products from 'The Smoke Barrel':

  • 12hr Macadamia Smoked Brisket crusted with our in-house rubs

  • Smoked Pork Ribs slathered with our in-house Bourbon Sauce

  • Sweet Pulled Pork infused with tropical Guava Juice

  • Beef Short Rib Smoked to drop off the bone crusted with our in-house rubs

  • Your choice of slow Smoked Sausage, Kabana, Pork & Beef

  • Whole Salmon Fillet NZ Manuka Smoked. Glazed with NZ Manuka Honey and Dill


Everything comes cryovaced, and is ready for sous vide, reheat or the convention oven - it's your choice.


All products are barcoded, tracked and inline with necessary food standards and certifications.

The Smoke Barrel team has worked diligently with some of the best Meat Providers in Queensland to be
able to offer our product in large quantities.This has enabled us to bring to market, what is an
Australian first and that's our core product at a tonnage rate.

We encourage any retailers who would like to add a Premium Smoked Product to their inventory to contact us to discuss your needs and lead times. Or, alternatively, jump over to our online store to explore our full range of mouthwatering products.

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